Monday, December 27, 2010

Mind Blowing

Giraffes have extremely long tongues (up to 20 inches), and penguins can swim really fast (up to 20 mph). But I want to talk to you about something important...... jungle gyms! The very first jungle gym was seen in 1920 by a lawyer named Sebastian Hinton. You are probably asking yourself this question "why on the earth would a lawyer invent something like this"? I asked myself this same thing, and could only think of one thing..... they are pretty awesome, and if I was in court all day trying to stick it to the man, I would definitely need a break to go climb around on some shit, legally of course.
There are so many types of jungle gyms it is hard to keep track of them.
One can only hope to have an idea as great as Sebastian Hinton's.... it really is mind blowing to think that this would have been such a huge success back in the 1920's... I wouldn't hesitate to say that the jungle gym is the the reason why the 20's were called the "roaring 20's"! Yeah, think about that!