Monday, January 18, 2010


I have always been curious as to why people started breaking sentences down into just letters, or just being lazy... I have used them so yes I am just as guilty as the next person in society! For example this morning, I had to meet with my coach. This is a long walk across campus, I am not a good judge on distance but I'd say it was about 13 miles. It was freezing outside, and also foggy..
So I was just thinking "where did this come from? what the, fog"??? I thought that was funny because WTF could stand for my previous statement, WTF = what the fog?
People can get so confused and twisted and turned with all of these acronyms, which is exactly why I make up my own, to build on this confusion!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

here it is

So this is my first blog... I will certainly try and keep it updated on my time spent here in Hays, Kansas! On things I learn, observe, and just whatever I'd like to because hey.. this is the jchampayne blog zone! I will keep you on your toes, random is key! This is just my introductory statement, I am just forewarning you of the awesomeness that awaits, and lurks around the corner for you scalawags!