Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Place???

We have all heard the phrase "go to a happy place" or "find your happy place" or my personal favorite "picture your happy place" ...... ummmmm.... right! I have talked to a lot of people about this and their happy place consisted of being with their friends and family! That sounds about right doesn't it? I mean, I am happy with my friends and family.... but what about their happy place?? They can't be in our happy place meanwhile we are in their happy place, we can't be in two places at once! Lets face facts, you aren't going to split time with happy places either "oh here, come into my happy place for a little while, then we will go to yours" uhhh NO! This is like sharing custody over a child and we all know how that can be difficult real quick right?? Right? Not pretty.... nor fun! So this "happy place" could be a real problem.... how about we call it a common place where you and all your friends and family could meet and be happy?? Well my friends there is such place as a 'common place' ....... and that is how 'common place' was invented!