Monday, July 30, 2012

Giraffe's... Sticking their necks out.. Pun intended!

Take a look at this goofy piece of work.... I am going to be tackling some big stuff today... and by the picture you could have probably guessed that yes, we will be discussing giraffe's. Everywhere you turn there probably are not giraffes, when you go to the store you most certainly will not run into giraffe meat, fur, or milk. Giraffes have been a hot topic lately and I don't know how in the hell these tall goofy mammal bastards have flew under the radar for so long... so lets take a walk shall we?!
First things first, lets look at some of the facts about giraffes... number one, they have 18 inch tongues (I could call it a day after that one right)... number two, they are vegetarians and love/eat mostly acacia leaves which contain most of their water intake. I can't make this up, but they moo, hiss, roar, and whistle to communicate. I could go on all day about these awesome facts and never get bored am I right? Buuuut I am not going to do that because we need to get down to the questions nobody seems to be asking... for instance, do they have migratory habits? How do they fight, or do they (because I know vegetarians are highly passive aka soft)? And the question we are all wondering, how long does it take a giraffe to throw up? You know.... cuz they have extremely long necks I feel like it would take them a while to get something up that obscene length of throat!
After extensive research and speaking to giraffe experts... I was told that giraffes do not migrate, I know! That was a hard one for me to believe but I accepted that. I also discovered that they do in fact kick with their hooves (obviously if you have hooves you are going to use them) AND... get this right... they whip each other with their necks when fighting haha, if you don't youtube that sight soon you are missing out it is pretty unreal! 
Now, the final big question... the hail mary.... how long does it take giraffes to throw up?? Who knows? Nobody, it has been confirmed that they regurgitate their food like a cow does,but that doesn't help anybody out. That doesn't answer my question, I mean yeah that is fine but my question wasn't "do giraffes regurgitate their food like cows?"... So this will have to be a hands on experiment, let ole J Champayne in the ring with a giraffe and I will get to the bottom of this!