Friday, February 5, 2010


I was just thinking back on a past experience in my life.... July 25, 2003. Mission Beach, San Diego, California! People were going crazy.. why you ask? It's simple, sandcastle competition. This years winner was going to be in next months issue of "Sandcastle Grandiose". It was my dream to be in such a spectacular publishing! I had been laying out and totally cogitating my every blue print, this was going to the most majestic exhibit anyone had seen.
As I was saying, that day I began to build this beautiful piece of architecture. For 3 hours, 180 minutes I was out there laboring away like a mad scientist on his innovative new robot! IT WAS COMPLETE! But to my dismay, I turn around for 10 seconds looking for the judges to come, and what do you know? This little shit of a kid (fat and around the age of 9) was all up in my sandcastle like he was Godzilla coming out of the damned Sea of Japan terrorizing, just absolutely mutilating my masterpiece!! I wanted to choke the kid... but he was overweight, and fortunate for him, he was too young to lay an absolute merciless smack down on! So I threw, what was left of my castle, in his face and let out a bellow to display my anguish!! That didn't help... so I just went home in utter shock!
Having said that..... guess what overweight children who ruin sandcastles (and anything else someone builds) you are now on j champayne's axis of evil!! thanks a lot, i love rebuilding things after it just took me half of my day to make that one, you animal!

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