Monday, May 7, 2012


As my time here in Lewiston, Idaho on the campus of Lewis-Clark State College has grown to a lengthy extent I have come to the realization of one thing and one thing only. There are a TON of squirrels here on this somewhat 'wooded' campus. I have seen them time and time again, day in and day out, and only one question comes to mind... a question that has been troubling me for countless days... just burning deep down and it is driving me insane... just what exactly is the squirrel population here on the campus alone? I am not the only one to have wondered this, I'm sure. Yet, there is no hard evidence to suggest otherwise. It has got to be an overwhelming amount I mean, I gotta believe that there are a couple hundred on this 46 acre squirrel infested woodland! I have noticed that they are slowly becoming more and more domesticated, which is good news because I would love to catch one. Tag it. Then release it. Catch another. Tag it. release it. You see the trend here I hope. After I have tagged them all, I would obviously have a accurate number on the population. How groundbreaking would this be in the community? So many people would be able to sleep better at night knowing the answer to the question that has been bugging us ALL here in Lewiston am I right? It would probably be the most significant breakthrough in cities history, at least one of the more memorable. Unfortunately I am nowhere near qualified to catch/tag squirrels 'legally' and lets face the fact that I can't possible have that much time on my hands... I will have to play hero another day!

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