Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fire alarms!

I was just in the zone writing another blog until, to my dismay, I hear a loud beeping! I am like "what is that"? So I pause my music, here the obnoxious noise, I see the silhouettes of people running by my door and the gloom sets in... could this be?? YES! It's a damn fire alarm, we have to now exit the building into the cold weather outside for a while! So whoever pulled that... I'm puttin you on notice and guess what all you ass goblins that pull fire alarms?? You are now on j champaynes axis of evil!
Now friends, where did fire alarms come from? Who is the pioneer/innovator behind this contraption? Well let me just tell you.... Francis Robbins Upton did it in 1890! So yes, Francis Robins Upton, you are now on the axis of evil as well, congratulations! And thank you, for making such a convenient, not loud or annoying at all, piece of plastic with a lever that practically invites damn near everyone who walks by to pull it... it does say "pull down", I mean God forbid we make them boring or disguised so when we walk by we don't have to make a life alternating decision..... "Do I pull this, possibly get caught and commit a federal offense, or just keep walking"??

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