Friday, March 12, 2010


Ok can someone please explain to me this Papa John guy?? I mean, let me just break down a couple of his commercials....
Commercial number 1- The man throws a football like 60 yards.... totally possible I know, but not for this guy, he is a pizza man, GET REAL! He threw it right on the money too, it was a bomb, I just find it hard to believe he could do that without properly stretching and warming up for a few minutes! He is not going to hop out of his car, deliver a pizza, and then throw a Doug Flutie hail mary right on target... Grow up! and now..........
Commercial number 2-The basketball game scene... what game was he at that they just let him on the court to shoot a commercial? Why was everyone cheering so much? I find it hard to believe he brought enough pizza for everyone as well... i mean, people are going to get pissed if he didn't, I know I would be upset.. but that is neither here nor there! About the commercial, ummmm... did he miss a shot?? No he didn't... GET REAL! He made a half court shot and a three pointer like nothing... again, I find it kind of hard to believe this man carries around so much luck with him! I have made very few half court shots on my first try, and when I say very few I mean like one time, maybe two!
Now friends, you may ask yourself "Jordan, I don't see what the big problem is"... first of all, that isn't even a question! Second of all, I just don't think they should make Papa John out to be some freak athlete! I mean sure he makes a damn good pizza but, GET REAL!

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